Taking the first step towards getting support for yourself or a loved one can feel daunting. You want to know that whomever you entrust with your story will listen, empathise, challenge, and support.

Through developing a trusting and empathic relationship with my clients, I am privileged to sit along side them as they reflect on their lives, discover and develop their resilience, and make meaningful differences. A union of minds.

As a clinical psychologist in Bromley, Beckenham I am uniquely and highly qualified to work with clients across the lifespan, developing a personalised action plan that takes account of my client’s individual needs and resources, and uses a variety of psychological tools to support them. As a result, my clients get a tailored service that is not constrained by resources, time or psychological approach.

How can I help?

I offer a range of psychological services for children, adolescents, adults and organisations depending on the need

Autism Bromley

Autism and ADHD

I specialise in assessments and interventions for children and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders

therapy in bromley


I use a variety of psychological approaches to work with anxiety, depression, stress, trauma etc

Psychology Assessment Bromley


This involves finding out more about the history of the problem and developing a collaborative action plan.

emdr bromley


Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing can help you cope with difficult experiences and memories


Expert Witness

I am a registered expert witness involved in assessments within the family court

psychology consultation


I offer consultation to schools and organisations about mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders

Contact Me

If you, your child, or a family member are having difficulties related to school, work, family or social relationships then I may be able to help. Take advantage of our free 15 minute phone consultation to develop a collaborative plan. Fill out the form to request a call back.


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If you would like to discuss one of my services, please email me and I'll get back to you

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